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Private Events


Suds-n-Cinema has pre-packaged rental plans for kid’s birthday parties and for adult events. 


We can also accommodate custom events. Contact us at to discuss details or to arrange a tour of the recently remodeled Tringas Theater. 

The rates shown below are only valid for events that occur during non-movie times/dates.

Kids Birthdays

  • 16 children, includes

    • 4 pizzas (cheese or pepperoni)

    • 4 pitchers of soda

    • Free water

    • 8 baskets of popcorn

  • Birthday boy/girl

    • Name on marquee

    • Box of candy

  • Additional children (in groups of 4)

    • 1 pizza, one additional pitcher of soda, 2 additional popcorn baskets

  • $400 base package

    • Additional children (in groups of 4) are $40

  • Other items can be ordered at standard menu prices

  • Parents to bring cake, cookies, decorations, party favors, etc.

  • Parents provide Blu Ray or DVD that will be shown during the party.

    • Please bring age-appropriate movies.

  • Maximum party length is 2.5 hours

  • Due to insurance regulations we can only allow Suds staff in the kitchen area


Adult Events

​The theater is a great place to host a corporate event, private movie showing, high school reunion, or club gathering. 

  • Rental cost will be determined on a case-by-case basis

  • Theater rental includes use of the facility, stage, restrooms, and lobby

  • Suds-n-Cinema can accommodate approximately 120 people, including the main room and balcony, all seats have either a table or counter

  • Customers can bring DVDs to be shown on the movie screen

  • We have a PA system and the ability to display computer-based presentations via ChromeCast on the theater screen
  • We can provide any level of food and drinks that are needed

    • Soft Drinks, Beer, Wine​

    • Concessions, Popcorn, Peanuts, Chips/Salsa, Candy, Pickles

    • Pizzas cooked to order, Panini Sandwiches, Sausage Dogs, Hot Dogs

      • We are happy to work out details on the types and amount of food you would like for your event​

  • Servers/Staff

    • Depending on the need, we can provide servers to take orders, run food, and take care of guests. The costs for servers and staff will depend on the specifics of each event

  • Handicap Access

    • Suds is fully ADA compliant

  • Due to insurance regulations we can only allow Suds staff in the kitchen area

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