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Tasks and Info from Sept 15 Owners Meeting


1. (Rodney/Julie)

Liza is asking about a kid’s party in 2020. We will charge $7.50 per kid. Each kids gets soda, popcorn, and a slice of pizza. We will provide free pizzas for teachers. Parents will be asked to pay for their food. Rodney/Julie will contact them and coordinate details


2. (Tony)

Contact Marcus Chambers and let him know that we want to recognize honor students. Tony will ask for contacts at each school. We will give free passes to kids on A/B honor roll each time report cards come out. Tony will pass this info to Rodney/Julie to coordinate getting info and cards to each school.


3. (Rodney/Julie)

Create and print papers that can be distributed to schools to help them understand the honor roll recognition process – or just email the info to the correct people but still need to get them the passes


4. (All)

We need another deep clean. Need to have cleaning supplies ahead of time. Would probably make sense to do this while ventilation system is being installed. Time/Dates are tough. Need several hours of down time.


5. (Tony/Rodney)

Coordinate Facebook Boost for matinee’s and Rocky Horror events


6. (General Info)

All matinees are at 1pm. All normal movies are at 6:30. We always show a 6:30 movie. We only have matinees on special dates. Spread the word to all staff.


7. (Steve)

We need paid staff in place for Lewbowski event. At least a cook, probably a server also. Steve will coordinate staffing and let Meg and the owners know about the final details.


8. (Rodney/Julie)

Rodney and Julie will work the Lewbowski event in addition to the paid staff.


9. (Rick)

Gather details for CHS reunion group regarding food and what paid staff we will need.


10. (General Info)

Mushrooms will be a permanent part of our menu. Buns and Salsa are still being evaluated.


11. (Steve)

Calls Dana Perine regarding her wedding reception. Calls her on Monday, Sept 16 by 10AM. (details regarding this event are at the bottom of this document including questions we need answered)

12. (Steve)

Texts the suds owners group with details from Dana Perine phone call


13. (Rodney/Tony)

Get a plan for independent movie events. Work out options and then present to the group for a final decision.


14. (Rodney/Tony)

plan Rocky Horror. Get approval/input/feedback from the group.


15. (Steve)

Give Meg responsibility for doing the kitchen staff scheduling. She can use “When I Work” the same way she handles server schedules. Helps Julie with paperwork, helps the staff to know their schedules.


16. (Steve)

Get with Coke guy, ask about a kids drink that can replace PowerAde (HiC or similar)


17. (Tony)

Figure out why facebook is not showing our physical address.


18. (Rodney/Tony)

Get estimated costs for items based on unit prices from Cheney Bros. Enter costs into Clover web site.

19.  (Julie)

Produce financial reports for owners to review.






Dana Perine Wedding Reception Details

Saturday, October 19⋅11:00am – 4:00pm



Bride: Dana deKalands Perine
Groom: Kevin Brown
Dana phone number: 270-300-5397
Dana email address:

They will use the standard Suds menu for food,
Rent is $100 per hour, from 11am to 4pm
No Movie
She wants to store a cake in the fridge, that will take up some valuable space. We will need to rearrange food (possibly store our food in an ice chest for a couple hours )

How many guests are expected? We need to translate this into food, concessions, drinks, beer, wine estimates. I would go with higher than normal percentage of people drinking wine

How are we going to handle kitchen prep for a movie when a reception is going on?

How many servers will she need?

Did we promise to provide any food or drinks?

Will she need a PA system? Does she want to show anything on the screen?

We will need to remove any decorations prior to movie

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